New Yorkers Can Snitch On Gun Owners For $500 Reward

Well, now the state of New York is going to pay your neighbor/friend to snitch on you and get $500.00 for doing it. It is getting closer to 1984 and a very Orwellian law is in place.


“In New York State if you report gun owners to officials and they are found to be in possession of illegal firearms after an investigation, you could score $500.

That’s because for more than a year the State has been running a “well-kept secret” tip line that offers rewards to callers depending on what comes from the gun-related information they provide. Officials in the State are discussing doubling down on efforts to use the tip line to identify gun owners.

“In our most recent meeting on Monday afternoon we talked about reviving this tip line and informing our members about it by sending out a message and scheduling a conference call to discuss it,” John Grebert, executive director of the New York State Association of Chiefs of Police, wrote in a statement. “The Association partners with the State on a regular basis to provide local law enforcement with additional resources to help them in their efforts to reduce gun-related and violent crimes in their jurisdictions.”

The tip line was announced last year as part of a broader New York gun control push in a statement by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo………….”

Link to Full article click HERE

Apparently most of law enforcement in the state is unaware of this and so far it has not netted very many reports/arrests. I hope the people of New York state and the rest of the country shut this down.

4 Comments to “New Yorkers Can Snitch On Gun Owners For $500 Reward”

  1. Reblogged this on Family Survival Protocol and commented:
    And so the communist style neighborhood watch begins. Same reasoning behind the neighborhood informants used in Revolutionary Cuba. Money , prestige and special favors all sanctioned by the government the beginning of the end…Add your thoughts here… (optional)

  2. Yes, by all means let’s bring back the tactics of the Stasi! (East German secret police force) Absolutely unbelievable!

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