Three boys rescued by prison inmates after canoe capsizes on creek

By: David Strege

Three boys who capsized their canoe and found themselves in the raging waters of Salmon Creek in Hazel Dell, Washington, on Wednesday were rescued by prison inmates who happened to be nearby on a work detail, one which they hadn’t originally been scheduled to do. They were filling in for another crew, and were just about to leave the area. has the story:



The kids weren’t identified, but their ages were 16, 10 and 8, and they were reportedly wearing life vests.

“We just thought it was some kids screaming until we seen their two heads bobbing in the water with the canoe upside-down,” crew member Nelson Pettis told KPTV. “They were coming down over flooded Salmon Creek. It was raging pretty fast.”

See river rescue video from Canoe & Kayak. 

Pettis took off his jacket and dove into the frigid creek, letting the current take him down until he could get to a spot where his feet hit ground.

Link to the full article click HERE

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5 Responses to “Three boys rescued by prison inmates after canoe capsizes on creek”

  1. How cool is that? I love it when prisoners get a chance to show the world they are human also!

  2. Prisoners are people who care, love, want to do better and improve themselves just as people on the outside. They are not different than the rest of us.

  3. A Big Upz 4 a job well done… Panther love


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