Originally posted on A Solitary Torture:

Excerpt from NY State Bar Association Civil Rights Committee


“In addition to those suffering from mental illness, juveniles and the elderly are also subjected to the same form of isolation as adult prisoners.

As far as juveniles are concerned, current scientific research suggests that juveniles lack the culpability of adults because they lack fully developed frontal lobes required for impulse control and because their brain structure is fundamentally and significantly different from that of adults.

General principles of child development show that adolescents process thoughts, feelings and information in qualitatively different ways than adults and that they are psychologically very different from adults. Because juveniles lack a developed frontal lobe, they tend to process emotional decisions in the limbic system, the part of the brain responsible for instinctive (and often impulsive) reactions.

An adult’s fully developed frontal lobe typically allows the adult to curb impulsive…

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