Inexpensive Ideas for Remodeling Small Homes

While small homes can have a sometimes cozy, cottage-like feel they can also present residents with challenges when it comes to space and design. Making small spaces Feel and look larger can feel like a daunting task, but with a few inexpensive approaches to storage and home staging they can be dramatically transformed to feel much larger than they actually are.

Add Storage Cabinets and Reorganize

Few people like the idea of spring cleaning, regardless of the season or the need. If your home is being overrun by simple clutter, the sheer psychological weight of trying to clean the house can be overwhelming. Worse, you may not know where exactly your clutter can be stowed, forcing you to spend countless hours, trying to reorganize everything, knowing that in just a few weeks everything is going to have once again run amok. Installing extra storage cabinets and hiring an interior designer to come in and reorganize your home will give you a plan to stow your common household items in a way that will allow you to maintain a clean house. Custom built storage cabinets will help motivate you to clean house and cut down and the time-consuming and psychological baggage of clutter removal.


Carpet is known for making a room feel smaller than other types of flooring do, so consider wood laminate to create the illusion of space in your home.
Also, remember that the more natural light you have falling on your new floor, the larger it will seem.
For small kitchens or bathrooms use large ceramic tile, preferably 18 inches by 18 inches, which will make the spaces look larger, requires less grout and is easier to clean.

Enlarging Spaces

Sometimes remodeling a small home can be as simple as opening up space. Adding a pass-through window to a walled-up kitchen is a great way to provide the home with an open, airy feel, as is widening doorways or archways. These easy changes will make the house feel larger instantly.


Good lighting is one of the most important items to include when it comes to remodeling a bathroom. The website states that bathrooms with inadequate lighting will cast a shadow on your face that will remind you of the times you told scary stories with a flashlight held under your face. To help avoid this problem, install lights with a dimmer switch at eye-level on either side of your vanity mirror so they point towards you. If you have recessed lighting, install it close to your vanity mirror, centered above the faucet.


A small bathroom needs color on the walls to make it appear larger. Since the bathroom is a unique area, it’s easy to choose bright colors and work with themes; for example, yellow, adobe and blue all work well in a small bathroom. Adding bright pictures and paintings also helps make the room appear larger. Using themes such as flowers or animals helps to bring a small bathroom together. Avoid using a border around the top of the ceiling, because this makes the ceiling appear lower and the room smaller. Using mirrors in a small area also makes the room appear larger, and you may want to play with the placement of the mirrors to control the lighting.

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