Know Your Builder

It is very important to get to know your builder whether it be for a small project, remodel or a complete new home construction. There are many reasons for this but I feel the most important is that during the build process there are many thoughts, ideas and decisions that need to  be communicated and discussed – in detail. Ensure that your builder fully understands what you want. If you are not comfortable talking with the builder you may end up with a project or home that is what the builder likes – but is not at all what you wanted or had in mind.

Many builders these days also act like once they have a signed contract, your needs are of no concern unless they can make more money on change orders which may delay the project. Discuss the change order process with your builder so that you know what to expect if there are changes needed during your project. Some builders require payment in full once you sign any change order prior to any work being done. While modifications during construction do happen, the majority of these changes (and expense of change orders) can be prevented if there is good communication during the design phase prior to signing the contract.

Before choosing your builder, view some of your builders completed work and talk with previous customers of the builder.  Ensure you research your builder at the local and state level for any grievances made by prior customers. Many states have state websites that have license search which you can check to see if they are licensed as well as any complaints they may have. Don’t hesitate to ask for references and beware any builder who is not willing to provide them.

Always remember that the contractor/builder works for you and you always have the final decision. If something is not right or is of poor quality or workmanship it is the responsibility of the builder to correct the issue. Many builders work and future customers depend on their abilities and reputation. Do not ever give final payment until you are completely satisfied of the work performed.

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